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It's a bright clear and day in Bangkok. The sun is high and shining its rays brightly down on the earth. The sky is bright vivid blue and the air is relatively fresh (for Bangkok!). But as I walk the halls and grounds of the school, I feel sluggish and heavy. There's a lack of pep in my step. Something is desperately missing. The buildings feel like simply buildings. An empty lifeless concrete structure.

The lifeline and life blood of any school is that of it's community. And of course, a big part of that community is the students themselves. The energy that they bring daily raises the over vibration and sprits of the school and all within it. When the kids are here the building is no longer simply a building, a lifeless structure. It comes alive and is vibrant. That energy is contagious and flows from student to student and staff to staff and teacher to teacher. We hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy and that we soon bring that energy back to this empty building.

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