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 Fostering a Caring Community through Friendship

By Teacher Nicole

"A Friend is One of the Nicest Things You Can Have" (Winnie the Pooh)

 At OISCA International, the Year 1 and Year 2 classes are nurtured with strong values of compassion and sensitivity towards one another, instilling the profound importance of friendship. The children deeply cherish the opportunity to create heartfelt sendoff cards for their classmates who are about to embark on new journeys.

 With thoughtful consideration, each child handwrites personalized messages, expressing their warmth and well-wishes for their departing friends. However, their dedication extends beyond mere words. They meticulously paint and draw with watercolors, taking great care to incorporate colors and figures that resonate with the individual preferences of their classmates.

This heartwarming tradition not only strengthens the bonds of friendship but also cultivates a sense of empathy and thoughtfulness within these young minds. By recognizing and celebrating the unique personalities of their peers, the children learn to appreciate the diversity that enriches their classroom community.

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