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Farm together!

Here at OISCA we strongly believe in growing some of our own vegetables and healthy eating habits. Gardening Is not only enjoyable, but also the best way to encourage healthy eating and provide lessons about nature and the environment. Planting requires patience, teamwork, confidence, caring for living things and watching them grow. These experiences will stick with our students throughout their lifetime. Our garden can be an interactive playground for kids that will connect all their senses. They can visualize, touch, and feel the fruits and vegetables; and enjoy the bright colors.

Our school chef’s assistant, P’Suk, has overseen our gardening projects and she has a few things to explain about her experience:

What are you currently growing and how do you feel about gardening?

Bell pepper, water cress, corn, kale, long bean, bok choy and cabbages. It is very relaxing and rewarding when you see the results in the end. I feel so happy in the garden.

Do you see yourself farming in the future?

Yes, my family has a land in our hometown. I see myself in the future farming with my husband.

Do you consider yourself a healthy eater?

Yes, I always eat healthy and growing your own vegetables makes you want to improve your


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