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Every Experience is a Learning Opportunity

By Teacher Nicole

"Little minds are shaped by little experiences."

 At OISCA International, every event is an opportunity for learning and celebration. While some occasions may not be grand, we ensure they are embraced, discussed, and seamlessly integrated into our curriculum. The weekly writing center recently celebrated Easter and Songkran, two festivals only a week apart.

During the Easter festivities, the children crafted decorative cards adorned with paper cutouts of eggs, grass, and flowers. They joyfully created Easter bunnies using pom-pom balls, immersing themselves in the spirit of the celebration. The following week, they enthusiastically prepared Songkran messages in both English and Thai, embellished with glitter and water print cutouts affixed behind the cards with actual water in Ziploc bags, adding a playful touch to their creations. To enhance the festive ambiance, the children also crafted garlands with artificial dok rak and roses, as well as vibrant Songkran bracelets from glittered white and pink tissues.


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