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Connecting Letters and Ideas

The children of the year one and two class embraced cursive writing this past week. It was their first time writing in such a style, but their enthusiasm was bubbling over and they all successfully wrote their cubbyhole name tags. Which were then decorated with much care. The results were really good (see photos below.)

As a teacher it’s very encouraging to see kids willing to give anything a go, despite the difficulty of the task. Below are a few reasons why, at Oisca we teach cursive writing.

- Based in the connectivity of a simple cursive style, it is faster to write than the stop-and-start the strokes of printing.

- Speed has been shown to increase attention span during writing. This increases continuity and fluidity in writing, which in turn encourages greater amounts of writing. 

Watch out Ernest Hemingway! Oisca students are on their way!

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