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A Conversation about Shadows

By Teacher Iola

The following is a conversation from K1 Mountain class with illustrations telling us the children’s thoughts and ideas about how and where shadows are made at night.

Teacher Peeti: Who needs a shadow?

Mei: Everyone

Teacher Peeti: What about clouds and cloud animals?

Everyone: Yes.

Teacher Peeti: Can you tell me again how clouds make shadows?

Mei: The sun and clouds, but the sun touches the arm but there's a shadow.

Lily: Or the sun kisses on the cheek and there's a shadow.

Teacher Peeti: So it works by touch and kissing? Anything else?

Romie: Mixing up. Like in a bowl (makes a stirring gesture).

Teacher Peeti: That is interesting. What does everyone else think?

Eiji: Sun comes with all the shadows.

Teacher Peeti: The sun brings shadows to us?

Eiji: yes. They come together.

Lily: I think it's the kissing on the cheek.

Teacher Peeti: What about the clouds at night? Is it different?

Lily: Yes, that is a monster. They do the shadows. It is dark and very black.

Teacher Peeti: Why is it black?

Lily: Teacher, because it is the night.

The children are really coming up with some fantastic theories about shadow production processes and the whole learning about the nature of shadows.

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